The M450s-1900 is designed for the compact loader segment or other hydraulic driven carrier vehicles.


Developed for a range of carrier vehicles from 80 – 150 hp and a volume flow between 26.4 – 52.8 gpm (100 – 200 l/min), the M450s is a compact and powerful head for a diversity of mulching applications. It's also available in the working width of 63 in (1600 mm - M450s-1600)

With the feature “Plug and Mulch”, the M450s is ready for simple implementing on any skid steer loader make and model. Hydraulic hoses with standard fittings are included in the package and already delivered from factory. The M450s gets its enormous power from a 107 cc Rexroth hydraulic motor with high-pressure variable displacement. A new-cogged belt drive transfers it to the rotor.

The rotor combines the BCS (Bite Control System) with two types of cutting tools. Whether steel knives- or carbide teeth, the BCS-Rotor is best balanced for less wear on bearings and high speed, meaning high productivity and perfect finishing. With the well-tried BCS-Rotor System and its cutting tools, the operator will not only get a professional working result, but also a pleasurable working experience.

Furthermore, it guarantees a perfect visibility to the ground for a good and safe line of site to the working area and the machine. The point of gravity is close to the carrier, therefore, it is easier to handle and provides less tipping or roll over danger. For maximum safety, the M450s is equipped with anti-slippery stripes on the top of the housing and with two steps for a safe access to the carrier.






Product Overview and Technical Specs

Power Range [HP]70-150 hp80-150 hp
Volume Flow [l/min / gpm]22.5 - 52.8 gpm (85-200l/min)24.6 - 52.8 gpm (100-200l/min)
Variable HD displacement piston motor115cc115cc
Tools32xBCS/45x UPTs40xBCS/48x UPTs
Working width63 in (1600 mm)74.8 in (1900 mm)
Total width74.8 in (1900 mm)86.6 in (2200 mm)
Weight*2513 lbs (1140 kg)2668 lbs (1210 kg)


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A lightweight mulching head provides more safety. The point of gravity is close to the carrier which means it provides easier handling and less tipping or roll over danger.


Plug and Mulch

Hydraulic hoses with standard fittings are included in the package and already delivered from factory. the Prinoth M450s is well prepared for Plug and Mulch.



The Prinoth M450s is equipped with a strong 115cc Rexroth HD variable axial piston motor. The strong poly belt with 2.7 in (68 mm) transfers the power to the rotor. The low-maintenance poly belt concept saves valuable time.

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