In the late 1990's, Daniel Gosselin had a need for mulching equipment for land reclamation on farmland in Southeastern Quebec. After extensive research, Daniel settled on a carrier he felt was the best for his needs. After importing the carrier, different problems arose while trying to adapt the crawler to his specific needs. Deciding to take matters into his own hands, Daniel decided to modify the machine and improve the product.

Proud of the modifications, he decides to take the machine to Western Canada during the winter months, where the mulcher is in great demand for oil and gas exploration. Quickly, his equipment is recognized as an improvement on what is presently offered in the market place…and he is offered to sell his purpose built carrier. Instead of selling his machine, he offers to build a forestry mulcher…

From this opportunity, a new line of purpose built mulchers called C.M.I. was born.


C.M.I is the first manufacturer of purpose built mulchers to offer a complete line of products to respond to the needs of a large list of mulching applications. In fact, at C.M.I, we design, build and test our mulchers using our experience as machine operators, to ensure we fill the needs of our clientele. Our track carrier are robustly built with ease of operation and reliability in mind…while ensuring maximum production in the toughest conditions.



Over the years, C.M.I has built a well-respected reputation in the mulching industry. Always diligent to meet our customer demands, C.M.I has a very specific infrastructure in place. Whether it is equipment sales, parts sales and/or service support, rest assured our experienced staff is ready to help you in your time of need.

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